Companies which locate at Camp Parkway Commerce Center will join a vibrant business climate in Southampton County.

As other regional industrial development projects have demonstrated, projects such as the Camp Parkway Commerce Center have the ability to generate significant local jobs and which will provide the county with the financial resources need to hire teachers and public service workers, buy new school buses, and help improve other county services.

With a location that offers Norfolk Southern rail service on site along with quick access to road connections to the Port of Virginia and inland to major Interstate highways, Camp Parkway Commerce Center is ideally situated to benefit from growing demand for high-grade logistics facilities, and the community is positioned to reap the benefits of such demand.


The likely economic benefits to the community are outlined in a fiscal impact study prepared for the center. Projections of the center’s direct net fiscal impact on Southampton County’s revenues are positive throughout the study period, culminating in an annual surplus of $1,212,010 at completion in 2035. Combined construction and permanent employment culminates with a full-time equivalent of 791 in 2035, with 727 of those to be permanent jobs at the center.

For more information, please visit the Franklin Southampton Economic Development website.

Jobs Created
Full-Time Equivalent Jobs Generated In 2035

Revenue Generated
Fiscal Impact On Southampton County In 2035

A Commitment to the Community

Hampton Roads Development, LLC, the owner of the property, has taken a proactive approach to ensuring that Camp Parkway Commerce Center would be a good neighbor from the moment the idea for the center was conceived. The needs of the community and community outreach were an important part of the initial planning process. As a result, the original site plan has been modified to incorporate features that will establish the center as a desirable asset not only for prospective occupiers, but for those who live and work in the area.

Additionally, a traffic study has been completed to anticipate the impact of the center on neighboring roadways. A fiscal impact study outlines the economic benefits to the community which would be substantial in terms of capital investment, jobs and the positive fiscal impact on the local community.